Microsoft Office 365 News 18 February 2020

A Technicians Most Productive Tools In Office 365

These three tools are essential for managing my day and could help you too!

Tom Wilcox, Infrastructure Engineer, Fabric

If you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, then chances are you may have seen the following tools: Planner, To-do and OneNote.

1. Microsoft Planner

My manager uses Planner to draft out our projects as a whole, and plan the work required into individual tasks. Microsoft Planner is an excellent tool for crafting out large projects and distributing it between team members. Tasks can have subtasks and schedules so that you plan and track things in a very granular way.

Planner can filter this information down and only shows what I’m working currently. Whether that be across multiple or single projects. This is great for when you need to focus on specific tasks.

Microsoft Planner buckets

2. Microsoft To-do

Once I am assigned a task, I can pick them up either in Microsoft Planner or To-Do. I like my tasks being integrated with To-Do as I can plan out my day not only with work scheduled by my manager but also other tasks that may not be part of a project. This allows me to flesh out my full day of work, so I always know what tasks to prioritise. Microsoft To-do: The most productive app for organisation.

One of the benefits of having a checklist to follow is if somethings not completed at the end of the day, it’s rarely forgotten. This also helps reduce the gaps in your day when your not sure what to focus on next.

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3. Microsoft One Note

Finally, OneNote becomes my log of notes and valuable information. I organise everything into sections so that it’s easy for me to reference information in the future. This is especially handy for meetings and information that emerges throughout the day.

Find out more about Microsoft One Note in Fiona’s blog: OneNote – Microsoft’s secret little pad.

One Note 2

So whats next?

All 3 of these apps are available on desktop, mobile and on the web, which makes it incredibly flexible to integrate them into your working day.

If you would like to know more about how productivity apps could help you, then get in touch.

Tom Wilcox, Infrastructure Engineer, Fabric

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