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A World Of Alien Technology: The Truth Is Out There

Is technology out of this world? Is all technology invented from a requirement or are they the result of dreams and imagination?

Grace Brockbank, Marketing Coordinator, Fabric

I will begin by introducing myself. I’m part of the marketing team at Fabric IT. I’m a huge enthusiast of The Universe, Astrology and Aliens. I love watching documentaries about UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Object) and learning about the universe. I have had a UFO encounter, but that story is for another day. *plays X-Files theme song*

Being born into Generation Z (people born between 1995 and 2015), modern technology has been around for my entire life. I think everyone is guilty of taking it for granted from time to time, so it’s interesting to reflect on a time when technology was only Sci-fi dreams.

Alien technology blog image

So how does this link to IT? Each month I write blogs for the website and when this idea came to me, I was doubtful that it would work out. But here I am writing about aliens and here you are reading about it.

I started thinking about what ‘out of this world’ technology, Sci-fi authors and storytellers have inspired over the years. Is all technology invented from a requirement or are, they the result of dreams and imagination? Here are four technologies that were shown in Sci-Fi before they were invented.

1. Bluetooth

For those of you original Star Trek fans out there, you may remember Uhura wearing an earpiece communicator. The device allows voice communications between the crew and to send and receive messages. It could even warn the wearer of impending danger – smart hey? Bluetooth technology gives us the same experience in transmitting the sound of our phone calls.  Wireless earphones seem like new technology but are they much different to the Star Trek Earpieces?

Star Trek ear piece

2. Smart Tablets

Tablets today are continually being improved and updated. Businesses and workplaces are replacing computers for smart tablets like Microsoft Surfaces and iPads because of their flexible and many uses. Again, I turn to Star Trek. The series features the PADD (The Personal Access Display Device) that was first introduced to us by Captain James T. Kirk. It was primarily used for scanning data and giving information about the ship. Throughout the series, it developed into touch screen tablets that could view schematics, create artwork and access Starfleet databases.

Star Trek Tablet

3. Video Conferencing and Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is something that we all take for granted from time to time. It’s been around for most of my lifetime. I can’t imagine a world where you can’t WhatsApp. Instant messaging is also being introduced in the workplace with applications such as Microsoft Teams.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams in this guide.

These two technologies seem like they’ve been around forever already! A story called “The Machine Stops” by E. M. Forster (published in 1909) was one of the first Sci-Fi stories to show the idea of instant messaging. In the story, Earth inhabitants underground in ‘cells’ and rarely meet face-to-face. All communications are handled by ‘The Machine’ which shares all their knowledge and ideas.

Instant messaging - E.M Forster

4. Video Holograms

Hologram displays are popular in sci-fi movies, but none can compare to Princess Leia’s cry for help in the original Star Wars “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope”. Over the years, they’ve got more immense, more advanced, and even projecting from different devices. The grainy, flickering image of Princess Leila will be forever engrained in our minds. Holograms are now being used worldwide for events such as product launches, award ceremonies and concerts.

Star wars hologram

Behind every piece of technology we have today, there is a huge team of individuals who have created it. What will be the next technology craze and will it be inspired by sci-fi? I believe it could be the Microsoft HoloLense 2. Check it out here!

Believe it or not, IT is an industry I was relatively clueless about before working at Fabric IT. I have found so many ways to use it in both my work and personal life and wish to inspire others to be interested in IT!

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Grace Brockbank, Marketing Coordinator, Fabric

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