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CRM Market Leader Awards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes the crown

CRM Market Leader Awards, Fabric

In CRM magazine’s 17th annual CRM Market Awards, Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes the crown.

The 2018 Market Awards

In the 2018 awards, the highest overall score is determined from analysts across a number of judging criteria. There are four Market Leaders; and a One to Watch.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 came out as the overall winner of all market leaders for CRM!


Here’s what they had to say:



Microsoft Dynamics CRM took the crown this year after scoring well in depth of functionality (4.4, up from 4.0 last year). “Excelling in usability and an expanding partner ecosystem is helping Microsoft expand into more large enterprises,” says John Ragsdale, vice president of technology and social research at the Technology Services Industry Association. Plus, “the tight integration across the Microsoft product family creates a compelling case for companies to switch from more expensive cloud offerings,” Wang says.

Additionally, Microsoft’s partnership with Adobe “fills an obvious void” in marketing and analytics, according to Leary. And when it comes to the business app ecosystem, Microsoft can’t be beat. “Their Citizen App Builder (PowerApps) is a remarkable tool that makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM a serious platform contender,” Greenberg says.



It’s not come as a surprise to us that Dynamics 365 came out on top. To see it for yourself, get in touch on 01625 443 110 or email  hello@fabric-it.com

CRM Market Leader Awards, Fabric

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