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Email Archiving VS Email Journaling

What is the best solution for storing email records and what works best for businesses?

Anthony Roberts, Infrastructure Manager, Fabric

Email Archiving and email Journaling are both forms of storing emails for later use; however, they have significant differences.

What is Email Journaling?

Email Journaling gives an organization the ability to record all emails that enter and leave the organization, providing a tool to simplify retention policies.
The journaling system will create a copy of each email sent in and out of the organization and store it in the system for future searches. These emails are stored for a predetermined amount of time and typically held in an external system.

The primary use for email journaling is compliance. Many companies have specific compliance requirements that may include needing to record communications with employees, customers or clients.

Without email journaling, you are at the mercy of what users currently have in their mailbox. Since users can edit or delete these emails, relevant evidence is likely to be missing.

What is Email Archiving?

Email Archiving is a way of storing email objects to a secondary storage location. This location can be the first email solution or in another location such as a PST file on the end-users local PC.

With email archiving there is no copy of the original email taken. Instead, the initial email is moved into the chosen storage location.

Email archiving is used to reduce storage consumed on a primary mailbox where there may be a limit to how much data can be stored. It can also be set up as a storage space to hold legacy email which serves to help keep the primary mailbox tidy.

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Which would we recommend?

Both solutions have a place in an email retention strategy. We recommend all organisations implementing email journaling to ensure that you have a compliance solution which will allow you to find any message.

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So, what’s next?

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Anthony Roberts, Infrastructure Manager, Fabric

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