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GDPR Compliance Stage 3: Protecting Your Data

GDPR Compliance Stage 3: Protecting Your Data

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So far in this series of blogs about the best ways to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, we have covered:

  • What GDPR is and what will change
  • The need to identify all the PII (personal identifiable information) you hold as a business and dispose of any data you can do without
  • Organising and using your data in line with the new regulation


The next phase is the critical one of providing, in the words of the regulation, “appropriate security” to protect your data. It is a “data protection regulation” after all. The main GDPR recommendations for achieving the new much higher security standards are:

  • Physically protect your IT equipment, behind locked doors or the equivalent
  • Encrypt all laptops and desktops
  • Regularly review security groups
  • Conduct advanced system and threat monitoring
  • Train your staff to deal with IT security attacks.


An opportunity to improve your business

One of the surest and simplest ways to reliably upgrade your data protection to the new, much higher standard is to switch to a single whole-business solution using the Microsoft range of Enterprise Mobility and Security systems. With smartphones and tablets becoming everyday business tools, and working remotely becoming the norm, the need to securely and seamlessly integrate every device and location into your business has never mattered more.  It would be an urgent requirement, even if GDPR didn’t exist.


When implemented by the Fabric team of Microsoft experts, the right Enterprise Mobility and Security solution will do much more than simply help you comply with GDPR. You can make the most of the opportunity provided by introduction of the new regulation to enhance your entire business.


Secure your move to the Microsoft cloud

The Microsoft cloud is far more secure than any on-premises system can be. Instead of storing data on in-house servers, you are benefiting from data centres certified to the highest internationally recognised standards, with 24/7 physical surveillance and rigorously managed access control.


And the unrivalled security of the Microsoft cloud is just the beginning. On every type of device, mobile or desktop, on your premises or anywhere in the world, advanced and constantly evolving Microsoft tools will keep your data safe against any danger, including the ever-growing risk of cyber-attack, with unparalleled threat intelligence.


As Microsoft Gold Partners we are perfectly placed to help you find the right solution for your individual business, using the full suite of Microsoft products, including:

  • Microsoft Azure featuring Azure Key Vault
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) features, including Azure Active Directory Premium and Microsoft Intune
  • Office and Office 365 features, including Advanced Threat Protection and Threat Intelligence
  • SQL Server and Azure SQL Database features, including Transparent Data Encryption, and Always Encrypted
  • Windows and Windows Server features, including Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Hello and Device Guard.


Which suite of Microsoft solutions is right for you? Talk to the Fabric team today and find out.

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