News 12 February 2019

How to Engage your Firstline Workers

For years this group have been neglected in the digital world, but with Microsoft technologies, that has all changed

Carl Enser, Sales Director, Fabric

How many firstline workers did you see today? Whether it’s the Barista at the coffee shop, petrol station attendant, waiter/waitress at the restaurant or the bus driver on your way home, firstline workers are the lifeblood of many organisations.

These workers are the first in line to engage with customers and represent a company’s brand. For years this group have been neglected in the digital world, but with Microsoft technologies, that has all changed.

With digital technology transforming the way we work, you can unlock the potential of your firstline staff to learn new skills and thrive. Microsoft has spent billions of dollars building a suite of applications that help the firstline worker connect with the wider organisation, here are a few of my favourites:



In this collaborative workspace, you can chat with instant messages, host meetings with video and/or audio, share files and work on them with others in real time and much more! Teams works well for firstline workers as its mobile experience can be fully customised for your staff. Teams integrates all the Office 365 applications we know and trust in one centralised space. 


One stand out feature of Teams for firstline workers shifts. Here, managers can create and manage employee schedules. The employee’s can then update their availability, accept shifts and requests time off. This is ideal as it’s easily accessible through the Teams application for quick and easy use whilst staff are on the go.

Example of using shifts in Teams on PC

Example of using shifts in Teams on PC - adding a shift

Example of using shifts in Teams on PC - swapping a shift

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

You can automate and improve scheduling to dispatch the right staff and get the most value out of your resources. You can even complete work orders on your phone or tablet and communicate with the customer in real time.

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Microsoft Stack

The Microsoft Stack business can help employees find and share best practices across the company and enable every worker to turn their ideas into action, Automate everyday activities, simplify collaboration across boundaries, and build and extend first line worker capabilities and applications.


Fabric’s mission is to empower every business to benefit from technology, and by using these solutions, companies can transform their workforce and enable staff to do more. If you’re interested in finding out more get in touch with the Fabric team.

Carl Enser, Sales Director, Fabric

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