News 18 February 2019

Is Microsoft Paint here to Stay?

Is Microsoft Paint here to Stay?

Is Microsoft Paint here to Stay?, Fabric

For over 32 years, Microsoft Paint has been on our Windows computers. So many people know and love this simple art application which is still used by millions every month.

I have fond memories of editing and creating silly images on this well-loved app, it’s difficult to imagine my computer without it!

However, for the past 2 years, Microsoft have been warning us that Paint might be completely replaced with Paint 3D…….

It’s just not the same.

Thankfully, with the huge amount of love shown by its die-hard fans, this warning notice on Paint is no longer!


Could it be that Paint is here to stay!?


All we know at this point is the application will be moving to the Windows store soon and will remain free of charge.

Let’s hope it doesn’t change too much and we can still relive those childhood memories.


Here are some of the most impressive pieces of art created with our beloved app:

hal lasko thriller artwork
hal lasko thriller
diamonster artwork
artwork by Khanstant
Warringah by Toweringhorizon artwork
Warringah by Toweringhorizon


Is Microsoft Paint here to Stay?, Fabric

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