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Is OneDrive the one for you?

Microsoft OneDrive: The go-to place for all your documents

Jack Caldwell, Infrastructure Engineer, Fabric

Microsoft OneDrive is your go-to place for storing your files, images and personal documents enabling you to access what you need, when you need it, wherever you are!

OneDrive is an online cloud storage solution that is available with most Office 365 subscriptions that offer 1TB of storage per individual user account and aims to assist you in 4 key ways.

Accessing files Anywhere:

You can install the OneDrive Client on your Windows device or use the Microsoft OneDrive app on your Phone or tablet to access your files online at any time. Also, you can access OneDrive via the web interface through on most devices.

OneDrive Diagram

Access your files Anytime:

OneDrive isn’t just an online storage solution; It offers next level offline syncing capabilities.

For example, you need to work on that important document on your way to an important meeting, but you’re on the train with a flakey internet connection and can’t access your company files. OneDrive sync is the solution here.

OneDrive downloads a local copy of your files onto your device and then syncs the changes when your internet connection resumes. This also ties in nicely with Microsoft SharePoint. You can sync specific document Libraries you regularly access offline and can upload changes seamlessly.

OneDrive Image

Share and Collaborate with Anyone:

Another great feature when using OneDrive is being able to Share documents with anyone you need to collaborate with, so you can comment and make changes to a document without having to send amended versions back and forth in emails.

Just click the share button in the top right of the document your working from, and then generate a shareable link that you can send in an email:

OneDrive Diagram

Depending on the type of link you create, you can lock it down to a specific email address or share read-only copies with users. This can be useful when working on documents for short term projects that need reviewing by third parties, but you don’t necessarily want to set them up with long term access to your company files.

Securing your data:

If you have company documents stored in your My Documents or on your desktop, then in most cases, your files aren’t safe in the event of hardware failure. However, you can easily store your documents and redirect your desktop to be stored within OneDrive to help secure you against data loss with your data being stored in the cloud.

Also, your data is safely secured in Microsoft’s UK datacentres in compliance with GDPR and current compliance regulations. Competitor products such as Dropbox store your data across US-based datacentres not guaranteeing continuing legislative compatibility in the future.


Now you know what OneDrive can do for you, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

To learn more about OneDrive and how it can help you and your business, give us a call on 01625 443110 or click here.

Jack Caldwell, Infrastructure Engineer, Fabric

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