News 15 April 2020

It doesn’t pay to pay for outdated technology

Replacing legacy equipment is about more than just getting a shiny new toy.

It doesn’t pay to pay for outdated technology, Fabric

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It’s become increasingly business-critical for companies to shield themselves from the many pitfalls of holding onto outdated technology. This obsolete technology poses a higher security threat where organisations become exposed to vulnerabilities, and it’s more than likely that these issues will have been addressed in the updated versions.

The increasing number of interconnected devices on corporate networks, coupled with trends such as shifting large portions of the business to the cloud, come with risks. Still, they can be mitigated by ensuring IT systems are as up to date as possible.

The ‘shiny new toy’ effect

The effect of a ‘shiny new toy’ is worth considering, however. Employees are more satisfied and engaged with their work when using newer equipment, not least because it works better.
We’ve all heard someone at least once shout across the office in frustration at an unresponsive PC or programme, that is if it wasn’t us doing the shouting in the first place! This pain can be eased with new equipment, often giving dramatic improvements in productivity.

Cost is often cited as a barrier to new technology

Cost being a prohibitive barrier is being quickly dismissed as companies join the movement towards a services-based, pay-as-you-go model for IT consumption. By bundling hardware, software, and services into a single contract, resellers can offer their customers a simple, manageable, and regular means of receiving the latest technology that is hugely cost-effective.
A Tech-as-a-Service subscription standardises hardware, operating systems and services across a business, ensuring a non-fragmented IT estate, with reduced management complexity and support costs. It spreads costs over the useful life of technology and services and can even reduce the total cost ownership by up to 20 per cent.


Under one simple, flexible agreement, along with hardware and software, a Tech-as-a-Service subscription provides a range of services, including deployment, training, support and management of devices.

A Tech-as-a-Service subscription means you can get on with your business activities and optimise your often stretched budgets. You can pay across the term you need, and either upgrade to better products at the end or buy them outright.

It doesn’t pay to pay for outdated technology, Fabric

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