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Microsoft 365 for Businesses: Plans and Prices in 2022

Is Microsoft 365 right for your business? Let’s find out.

Rosie Andrews

For small businesses looking to increase team collaboration, boost productivity, and install cybersecurity measures, Microsoft 365 offers an all-in-one solution. But how much does Microsoft Office cost? Is it really worth buying Microsoft 365, or is it just another monthly outgoing for your business?

This guide will run you through everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 for business, including the various plans, features, and costs to consider.


What is Microsoft 365 for business?

Microsoft 365 business is a cloud-based subscription service. It acts as a shared, central management system with all Office apps in one place, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Since it’s cloud-based, employees can work together in live documents and collaborate from anywhere.

Alongside Office apps, Microsoft 365 for business comes with built-in security features to help with your business’ cyber threat management. Business plans also include Microsoft Teams, cloud storage, email, and calendaring.


How are Microsoft 365 plans changing in 2022?

At the end of March 2022, Microsoft raised the prices of all their business plans. This was due to the introduction of Microsoft’s new subscription model, the New Commerce Experience (NCE). The NCE has changed the way that organisations purchase Microsoft 365, giving customers more choice and flexibility over their subscription, as well as offering access to a wider ranger of tools.


What plans are available for Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 offers four different plans, each with an increasing number of features and apps. As expected, the more features a plan comes with, the more Office 365 costs.


Microsoft 365 business basics

The basic business plan includes:

  • All Office apps for web and mobile.
  • Cloud file storage and sharing.
  • Scheduling, planning, and tracking tools for managing appointments and gaining customer feedback.
  • Email and calendaring, and custom business domain name.
  • Access to Microsoft Teams, with chat and audio calls only.
  • Built-in cybersecurity controls, including password policies, malware blockers, and access control.
  • Access to customer support.
  • Up to 300 users.


Microsoft 365 business standard

With the standard Microsoft 365 business plan, you have access to everything ‘basics’ offers, plus a few important extras, including:

  • Webinars with registration pages, email confirmations, and reporting.
  • Desktop versions of Office apps for PC and Mac.
  • Video calls for Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft 365 business premium

The Microsoft 365 business premium plan is the most inclusive package, offering a variety of extra features that aren’t available with basic or standard plans, such as:

  • Access to Exchange Online Archiving.
  • Additional cybersecurity tools using Defender for Business.
  • Enhanced malware protection.
  • Protection against sophisticated threats, such as those hidden email links and attachments.
  • The ability to remotely wipe company data from lost and stolen devices.
  • Restricting where company information can be saved, e.g., on unauthorised apps.
  • Device management features, including automatic installing of apps and configuring security controls.


Microsoft 365 apps for business

Microsoft also offers an app-only plan. It includes access to Outlook, Word, Excel, and other Office apps for five devices per user. As well as apps, you get cloud file storage and sharing, with 1 TB of available storage.

What add-ons are available for Microsoft 365?

All plans come with add-ons, so you can customise your licence and choose features that work for your business. However, these add-ons come with additional fees, impacting how much Microsoft 365 costs.

Available add-ons include:

  • Audio conferencing — offers dial in and out features to join calls from anywhere, with or without an internet connection.
  • Business voice — access Microsoft Teams Phone, enabling call transfer and forwarding, call queues, and auto attendants.
  • Windows 365 — stream content from your Office apps in the cloud to any device.


How much is Microsoft 365?

So, we’ve seen what features are available, but exactly how much is Office 365?

The licence price varies depending on the plan you choose, the number of employees, and how you pay. Here’s a breakdown of the costs:




Monthly cost (per user)


Annual price (per user)



























Other Microsoft 365 costs to consider

Since you probably already have an email system — and perhaps even a cloud management system — in place, you’ll want to assess costs of migrating your systems over to Microsoft 365.

For example, this may include direct fees to move your systems, as well as indirect downtime costs. Remember, migration can take a few days, so it may be worth scheduling this over a weekend to minimise business impact.

You should also consider ongoing management in terms of adding users, resetting passwords, and monitoring use of the system. You may already have someone who can take on this responsibility (and perhaps charge an additional fee), or you may need to hire a new employee to manage your IT services.


Making the most of Microsoft 365 with Fabric IT

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