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Microsoft Planner: Task Management App for Planning

If you saw my desk, you would see a sea of yellow post-it notes, to-do lists, papers and files

Helen Abbott, Finance Coordinator, Fabric

I consider myself organised, but could this be improved? Yes. There is only so much information I can retain, so if there is a more efficient way of doing this, I am all ears.

There are many organisation apps I’d recommend in Office 365, see our blog post on the recently updated to do list app. However, Planner stands out for its use as a visual task list for teamwork.

What is Microsoft Planner?

In a nutshell, Microsoft Planner is a task management application that is all about promoting organisation! Tasks can be created, assigned, and prioritised according to deadlines and importance.

From there, progress can be tracked, using dashboards to break down even the more complex of projects into smaller manageable steps.

Microsoft Planner dashboard

What are the benefits?

Planner integrates with all other Office 365 applications:

There is no need to jump between different apps as the information is there and centralised! Key details are less likely to get lost, and everyone has visibility which makes it easier to see who is responsible for what.

Microsoft Planner - at Fabric

Microsoft Planner charts

What does it do?

Microsoft Planner can help with Project Management:

  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Distribution Of Work
  • Time Management
  • Prepping For Meetings

Microsoft Planner - Use at Fabric 2

There are several useful visual functions that this app does to ease use. Both colour coding and priority categories improve the ease of use and productivity. You may also wish to view the status of tasks in a chart format. Planner’s flexibility allows you to drop and drag tasks, attach files, and change the layout to suit the needs of your team. Furthermore, you can set up notification alerts, so nothing goes unmissed.

Read how to use Planner to organise an office move

Microsoft Planner New Task

How do I get it?

Lucky for you, if you are a user with an Office 365 Enterprise (E1, E3, E5), Office 365 Business Essentials, or Office 365 Business Premium subscription, you will already have access to the Office Platform.

What are you waiting for?

  • Planner encourages taking responsibility for workload and independent working
  • Managers can review work progression
  • Collaboration with other apps to ensure a smooth workflow.

If you aren’t fully utilising your Office 365 applications, now is the time.

Helen Abbott, Finance Coordinator, Fabric

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