Microsoft Office 365 News 22 February 2017

New Tool makes Social Media Easier

Are you using Microsoft Social Engagement yet?


It’s a useful tool for collecting data from social media with specific search terms, which can give you useful insights into your business.

And now, with Social Engagement 2017 Update1.1 released in February, there are even more reasons to try it – like the new Social Selling Assistant feature.

Posting on social media is finally about to get easier!


What is Microsoft social engagement, and who can use it?

Social Engagement is a service you can add to your Office 365 subscription. It can also be integrated with Dynamics 365.

Once set up, you can type in search terms and see positive, negative and neutral social media feedback on your business.

It’s all automatically presented in useful graphs and charts. So it’s ready to use in your reports or to inspire business improvement.


Social selling assistant makes social media easier

So, what’s in the big new update?

The key addition is Social Selling Assistant, designed to enhance your salespeople’s selling power by leveraging social media. If you’re ever stuck for what to say on social media, this new feature can help.

Specifically, Social Selling Assistant allows your salespeople to:

  • Get smart, personalised recommendations they can share on their own social media pages. This can help increase their social media presence, build follower trust, and get more leads.
  • Add their personal Linkedin account, for easy sharing of posts via Microsoft Social Engagement.

If you need some help setting up Social Engagement and Social Selling Assistant, contact the Fabric team – it’s what we’re here for!

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