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Reduce Legal Compliance Costs With eDiscovery

Does your business need to meet legal, business, and regulatory compliance requests?

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Then you need to know about eDiscovery, a content search and management feature that saves Microsoft’s own legal team around $4.5m per year.


What is eDiscovery?

It’s a tool within Office 365 that can help you meet compliance requests more quickly – and with lower costs.

Practically speaking, it lets you easily search for any content in your:

  • Exchange Online mailboxes
  • Office 365 cloud storage and groups
  • SharePoint Online and sites
  • Even your Skype for Business conversations!

When you can search in all these places with one query, anywhere in your business, answering data compliance requests becomes a lot faster. That means it costs less too.

No more manually searching for files and docs, from many different sources!


Advanced analytics increase your savings

Advanced eDiscovery also offers analytics to help you to structure content efficiently. This can shrink your content storage needs, for even greater savings.

Microsoft’s white paper on the subject highlights 3 key benefits of eDiscovery:

Global availability – you can use eDiscovery anywhere in your business
Cost savings – You can find the content you need more quickly and respond to legal issues faster
Less manual work – More of your content is searchable, and you can port relevant content directly into third-party review tools


Get started with eDiscovery

If you want to know more about how eDiscovery can help your business, why not talk to the Fabric team? We’re Microsoft Gold Partners, we know Office 365 inside out, and we’re always happy to chat. Contact us here.


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