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SAP Anywhere user? Time’s running out

SAP Anywhere user? Time’s running out

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SAP has announced that it is about to shut down its Anywhere suite of cloud-based “front office” services for small to medium sized businesses. If you are a current SAP Anywhere user this may feel like bad news, especially as the end will be coming very quickly.


In fact it could turn out to be the perfect opportunity to improve your business and fully embrace the digital future. At Fabric we are perfectly placed to help you switch quickly and smoothly to a more suitable ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics.


Here are some quick answers to the questions you are probably asking yourself.


Why is Anywhere being discontinued?

Industry sources report that SAP has been aware of customer dissatisfaction and turning away new business for a while. Problems include a need for IT expertise and dedicated staff that’s unrealistic for most SMEs.


What are your options?


  1. Stick with SAP

SAP is providing a full refund in return for waiving any claims against them. They will naturally offer an alternative SAP solution, but you are completely free to reject this offer and explore other possibilities.


  1. Switch to Microsoft Dynamics

The demise of SAP Anywhere provides the ideal great opportunity to explore alternative ERP systems. At Fabric we recommend the world-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 range of solutions, specifically created for small and medium-sized businesses – and currently being used by at least 170,000 companies worldwide.


Like Anywhere, it’s a cloud-based system that integrates multiple business functions. Unlike Anywhere, it can integrate all your core business functions, rather than just a few.


Best of all, it is backed by all the expertise, reliability and innovative power of Microsoft, along with its hand-picked network of Gold Partners, including Fabric.


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