News 24 December 2019

Set up an Out Of Office Reply on Outlook

A simple guide on how to set up an Out Of Office automatic reply in your Outlook email

Max Thompson, Systems Engineer, Fabric

It’s essential to keep customers and members of whatever business you may be a part of, informed and up to date that you are busy enjoying your well-deserved break and that you won’t be responding to emails. 

The solution: Setting up an out-of-office response in Outlook. 

It’s both a professional and straightforward way to keep relevant people in the know about your availability.

How to set up an Out Of Office in Outlook on a desktop:

How to set up an Out Of Office in Outlook online:

Have you tried using calendars on Outlook on the web? See our guide on how to get started with using the calendar on the Outlook web app online. 

I recommend keeping the ‘Inside My Organization’ message pleasant and light-hearted; perhaps you could use the following “Hi, I am currently enjoying the festive period. See you in the after Christmas, for a big year filled with many successes!”. For the ‘Outside My Organization’ I recommend; “Hi, I am out of the office until Thursday 2nd of January. For urgent queries or issues, please contact our support department. Kind regards”.

Upon returning to the office, make sure to open your Outlook and near to the top of the screen, select the button that says ‘Turn off automatic replies’. You are all set and ready to get back to work.

Max Thompson, Systems Engineer, Fabric

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