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Team Communication: How to improve it using tech

Technology can be used in many ways to help your team communicate. These are four key methods that work for us and may benefit your team today.

Adam Gorton, Service Delivery Manager, Fabric

Communicating internally is a vital part of my job role

Internal communication enables me to reach staff whether they are in the office, working from a customer site or working from home. I use multiple technologies to communicate with staff and it will always depend on the situation. Below are some of my preferred methods.

VoIP phones

The quick way for me to get hold of anyone is via phone. VoIP technologies allow me to speak to internal staff as if they were in the office, wherever they are. VoIP works whether they are at home with the handset itself or on the road with the softphone application.

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Teams instant messaging, posts and comments

At Fabric IT, we utilise Teams company-wide; it enables us to get messages to everyone instantly. Teams can also assist with an issue without having to disrupt the call they are currently on to the customer. Instant messaging provides quicker and more effective support. It can be used through a browser, as a desktop app and even as a mobile application – which is extremely useful for instant messaging on the go.

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The trustworthy email, still being heavily utilised on a day to day basis but the need for this is far less than it was previously. I use email when I have been unable to get hold of someone via their VoIP phone or mobile. I also use email when there is specific information such as screenshots which can be better suited to this method.

Dual screens fabric


In house announcements and discussions are raised on our Yammer platform, it sends notifications to all staff, including ensuring they are kept up to date with the latest changes. Much like a work Facebook platform, we use this to discuss anything from work social events to exam celebrations.

Office 365 logo

The benefits of using Office 365 on communication in the workplace

Using multiple communication systems means that I can use the best option to get the results needed for the situation and ultimately helps us to work better together. It helps us to increase our productivity and provide a better overall service.

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Adam Gorton, Service Delivery Manager, Fabric

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