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The Ultimate Staff Onboarding Checklist

This ultimate staff onboarding checklist to ensure your new employee journey is organised and on schedule

Fiona Hawthorne, Office Manager, Fabric

It’s the first day in a new job; we all know how that feels. Nervous, excited, intrigued. It’s essential to make new starters feel welcome – not just on their first day, but getting ahead of the game and starting the onboarding process as soon as the job has been accepted. 

Could you even imagine; you’ve got the job – then you don’t hear a thing until your first day. It’s a scary thought. A little planning and nurturing before the big day goes a long way. 

The idea is for your new starter to go home after their first day feeling full of confidence for their journey ahead – not ‘That was a nightmare I need to look for a new job already!’ 

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What are the benefits of a well-planned staff onboarding process?

  • First impressions count. Someone who walks through the door on their first day feeling welcome and armed with information will settle in so much quicker, therefore will be able to start being productive – saving time and money. 
  •  Line Managers can start valuable training quicker as all the leg work has been done. 
  • A stronger onboarding experience has proven better employee retention. 

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A stronger experience:

1. Off to a Flying Start

Starting with a positive and well-structured process sets a positive tone for the rest of the experience. Making it clear that they are cared for by concentrating on key points such as the company culture, personal development, and staff perks. 

2. Ask a Friend

Line Managers play an essential role here, but in large departments, it may be beneficial to assign someone in the same team to be a mentor for the week. 

3. A Thoughtful Gesture

Show them we’re excited for them to be there, and that the company cares by giving a ‘New Starter Pack’. It should include the basics; Staff Handbook, Health and Safety info, Department Structure – who to go to for what. It is also thoughtful to also include things like recommended places to go for lunch. Then what better to finish with than a branded gift, such as a branded water bottle, pen/notepad – or even a voucher for a free lunch. 

4. No such thing as a silly question

As much as you try to cover everything, there’s always going to be some questions. Therefore, it’s crucial to make it clear that they are more than welcome to ask. 

5. Company Culture

Lastly, and probably most importantly; Introducing the company culture. Here’s the opportunity to show off the company’s personality. Explaining the values and ethics – what the company believes in. 

Final Thoughts

In summary; a robust onboarding process will result in happier employees. It is beneficial when it comes to employees getting to know one another and learning how to communicate effectively, as well as discovering how their roles fit in with the rest of the company. 

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Fiona Hawthorne, Office Manager, Fabric

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