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Two Years as Fabric IT: The Story of Delta Comtech Ltd

Why Change? Two years on - We take a look at why we changed from Delta Comtech to Fabric IT.

Carl Enser, Sales Director, Fabric IT

For me, it all started four years ago when I bought into the business. The name Delta Comtech never rolled off the tongue and meant very little to me. For 25 years we were known as Delta Comtech, but our business had changed so much. We decided to rename our company to reflect on how our business and industry has moved on. 

How the Business Change Began

The process started with some serious self-reflection, looking into why we existed. As a board of directors, we all embraced Simon Sineks’ Start With Why’ methodology. If you haven’t yet seen his Ted Talk, I encourage you to do so right now. 


IT Support – Helping Businesses Achieve More with Technology

I had spent years working for IT Support companies thinking I could do better. I knew I could help the business achieve more using technology. Whilst working in corporate IT environments, I was getting calls from friends and family who ran smaller companies and were having IT problems, problems that were easy to solve with IT. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer, so I joined Delta Comtech. 

Did you know that Fabric IT are Gold Microsoft Partners? Click here to find out more about what a Microsoft Certified Partner is.

Once we got talking, it turned out that the board of directors had similar experiences, so our ‘why’ was defined: 

For too long, we have seen the effects of inadequate investment in technology.


We see reliance upon outdated and obsolete IT Solutions. We see the IT provision being distinctly separate to the rest of the business. We see inflexible IT infrastructure that prevents organisations from flexing when they most need to adapt to changes in the market or competition. We see investment stop upon implementation, preventing organisations from realising their full ambition. 

Fabric 2 years old comparison

Why the name, Fabric IT?

Once we all understood where we had come from and why we existed, the business name became even more of a problem. Delta Comtech didn’t speak to our ‘why’. After a heated debate, we came up with the name Fabric IT. Why? We provide the Fabric for your business to operate successfully.  

Carl Enser, Sales Director, Fabric IT

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