Microsoft Office 365 News 4 February 2020

Upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business from Office 365 Business Premium

Why should you upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business and what are the benefits?

Ed Wright, Services and Development Director, Fabric

What is Microsoft 365 Business?

Microsoft 365 Business is a subscription-based service that includes Office 365 applications along with security features that have been developed to assist organisations in safeguarding against Cyber Security threats. These advanced security capabilities allow us to protect our data across any device that we enrol in our organisation. Designed and built for SMB’s (small to medium businesses) up to 300 users. Microsoft 365 Business brings together the security and innovation of Windows 10 with the power and familiarity of Office 365 and streamlined management and maintenance capabilities built specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

There are three key reasons to upgrade from Office 365 Business Premium to Microsoft 365 Business, as follows:

  • Upgrading to Windows 10 Professional
  • Simplified management and control of corporate applications and data across devices
  • Advanced Security Features

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We use Microsoft 365 Business security in each of the following instances:

  • Secure User identity
  • Secure Enrolled devices
  • Secure Applications
  • Secure E-mails
  • Secure Data

Business data can be compromised in several different ways. Microsoft 365 Business can help us to defend against these threats with the following actions:

  • E-Mail scanning (ATP Safe Links)
  • E-mail Attachment Analysis (ATP Safe Attachments)
  • E-mail Encryption – Ensuring only the intended recipient can read the e-mail
  • Anti-Phishing policies that use machine learning and Impersonation detection. Check out our top tips on spotting phishing emails.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and access to the applications and data from only trusted locations
  • Malware Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention (Prevention of data leakage)
  • Unlimited Cloud archiving so all mailboxes data can be retained indefinitely.

Virtual Desktop

Enrolled Devices can be secured with the following:

  1. Conditional Access – Preventing users or devices from accessing the company data from un-approved locations, devices or apps.
  2. Application Protection – Security features to protect data on mobile devices. This prevents data from business applications from being saved outside of the business
  3. Remote wipe – The ability to remotely wipe data on any enrolled devices if lost or stolen.
  4. Patch Management – Management of Windows updates across devices

So what next?

The transition to Microsoft 365 is a sensible choice for businesses that want to ensure their business data is utilising the latest technologies to safeguard their business for Cyber Security threats.

For more information on Microsoft 365, get in touch. Check out our Fabric 365 package (Includes Microsoft 365 Business, Unlimited User Support, Clip Training and Exclaimer Signature manager).

If you haven’t already upgraded to Windows 10, you could be putting business security at risk.

Ed Wright, Services and Development Director, Fabric

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