News 8 April 2020

Welcome to the ‘New Normal’

Over the past few weeks, we've heard the phrase 'New Normal' countless times. In these unprecedented times, we're all having to adapt to working from home.

Welcome to the ‘New Normal’, Fabric

There is very little doubt in everyone’s mind that the world has changed, and we will not go back to what was before. I feel for many businesses; the status quo has changed. Working from home will become the ‘New normal’. We will all begin to consider: Do we need that large office?

With more Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls than ever before, we are becoming more and more creative in the way we communicate. Now more than ever, it’s essential to stay in touch and embrace new technology.

Microsoft Teams Call Screenshot

I am very fortunate writing this as the director of an IT business we have never been busier, and I know not all industries have the same fortune. Not all companies can work from home and lots of businesses have been forced to adapt and change.

We were able to send our staff out with minimal interruption to business activity. Many of our clients were also able to do the same with Cloud technology.

I spoke to a good friend of mine earlier this week it would never be allowed to work home before this crisis His boss was a firm believer of the adage ‘if I can’t see you you’re not working’. My friend’s bosses daily routine was awake at five, walk the dog, read the paper and set off to work at six to be at the desk for seven. My friend has told me his bosses had a revelation by working from home. He can sleep until 6, walks the dog read the paper and still be at his desk by 7. His mindset has shifted he’s embraced working from home.

Now I know not everyone will be working as hard as they should be, But I feel most of us are doing our best. If there’s one small mercy of this global pandemic at least, it happened in 2020 and not 2005, in 2020 we have the technology and tools at our disposal to be productive from anywhere.

I hope you’re finding the new normal is working for you if it’s not, please reach out and speak to us. We all must pull together during these times, and Fabric IT is here to help.

Welcome to the ‘New Normal’, Fabric

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