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What is a Workflow in Dynamics 365?

Workflows are a great tool that allows the automation of tasks and methods sequentially in Dynamics 365.

What is a Workflow in Dynamics 365?, Fabric

They are an excellent tool for managing both data and processes. They are also extendable to provide further utility via custom workflow activities and actions.

One of the most common features for workflows is for sending out email notifications, for example, when a Dynamics record is created or re-assigned to a different user on the system.

How to get to workflows

Click on the Dynamics 365 menu, settings and then processes. Once in the processing centre, click on new. As shown below, you will be required to enter three properties (Process name: name of the process, Category: type of the process, entity: name of the entity that the workflow would run against) and then click ok.

How to get workflows

You will be presented with different options

Different workflow options

  • Scope – this defines who the workflow should run for
  • User – workflow will run on records exclusively owned by the owner of the workflow
  • Business Unit – workflow runs on records owned by anyone in the business unit
  • Parent – workflow runs on records owned by anyone in the business unit or child business unit
  • Organisation – runs for everyone
  • Start when – this defines when and what action should trigger the workflow
    • Record is created > Record status changes > Record is assigned > Record fields change > Record is deleted

We are going to use the “Send Email” step to send an email when an account is created.

As shown below, click on “Record is created” to set when the Record should be triggered, “Add Step” and select the logic “Send Email”.

Send emails

Click on “set Properties” of the send email step and the following should be presented.

set properties

On this screen, you can use form assistance on the right to set the properties of the email such as the sender, receiver and body. After completing these steps, click ok, “Save and Close” and activate the workflow. Once the workflow is activated, emails will be sent, and an account is created.

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What is a Workflow in Dynamics 365?, Fabric

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