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What is ClickDimensions?

Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is ClickDimensions?, Fabric

Founded in 2010, ClickDimensions is a specifically designed marketing automation software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 which brings together sales and marketing to help generate bigger business wins.

ClickDimensions is a user-friendly way for organisations to bring together all marketing activity, including emails, social media, and events via Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The platform includes essential marketing tools such as email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms, landing pages and social marketing. Enabling businesses to attract more new business leads, close more sales and engage with customers.

Example of Campaign Automation Map

 What are ClickDimensions key features?

Campaign Automation: The power to design automated campaigns tailored to your target audience.

Email Marketing: The ease of creating targeted email campaigns that encourage engagement with potential new customers.

Web Intelligence: Use the web intelligence tool to discover new leads and opportunities.

Surveys: Gather valuable insights by creating customer surveys.

Web Forms: Easily capture and interact with new leads by creating web forms.

Landing Pages: Develop powerful webpages that work for your business and drive traffic.

Social Marketing: Integrate and manage all your social platforms and track engagement.

Example of editing email send in click dimensions

Who is ClickDimensions for?

ClickDimensions is a must have for marketers as it can help propel your marketing efforts and give a much clearer understanding of how well your budgets are performing. As it works in tandem with Dynamics 365 it means all your data is stored in one place and there is no need to log into an external email provider to create a campaign.

Using ClickDimensions enables marketers to personalise content and build relationships with new leads, contacts and existing accounts. It has the flexibility to make content more engaging and responsive which helps inspire relevance to the individual.

What are the business benefits of ClickDimensions?

Arguably the key benefit of ClickDimensions is its ease of use. Users don’t need endless hours of training to understand how best to utilise the platform. It’s ideal for businesses who are looking to create targeted email campaigns or constructing web forms. It provides easy to understand analytics for all campaigns and gives companies a true understanding of how its marketing budget is performing.

The fact that ClickDimensions is native to Dynamics 365 means that there are no integration costs, no hassle merging incompatible systems and limited time needed to train users how to use the platform. It also means that as a business you have a complete picture of the leads being generated and whether they are converting or not.

If you feel your business could benefit from ClickDimensions contact our team of experts for an informal chat on 01625 433110 or email us at info@fabric-it.com

What is ClickDimensions?, Fabric

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