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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?, Fabric

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

When you are ready integrate your business and transform its operations for the digital future, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal solution. It’s a single cloud-based system that can put you in control and enable you to enhance efficiency, improve sales, win orders and more. And, reassuringly, everything is backed by the expertise and reliability of Microsoft and its hand-picked network of Gold Partners.

Seamless integration puts you in control

The power to unify an organisation’s key business functions is what Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers above all. Harnessing the unrivalled global resource of the intelligent Microsoft cloud, it is a single intelligent cloud application that can seamlessly integrate many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRP) operations into a single system. Suddenly you can manage, monitor and plan the key functions of the organisation with all the data at your fingertips – any time, anywhere.

Infinitely customisable and always extendable

Dynamics 365 works via an extensive menu of mobile apps, making it possible to create a unique, tailored solution for every business, whether large, small or mid-sized. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is infinitely customisable, and suitable for organisations in many sectors, including retail, financial services and the public sector. New apps can always be added, so the solution we create will be tailored to your business and ready to grow as you grow.

Boost sales and profitability

At Fabric our focus is on bringing the power of Dynamics 365 to the Customer Relationship Management aspect of the business, encompassing marketing, customer service, supply chain management, finance and sales. With all your CRM and related functions working as one, you are empowered to analyse information at a glance, organise resources, respond promptly to customer requests and make informed decisions – saving time, maximising income, building better customer relationships and enhancing efficiency.

Your perfect partner

At Fabric IT we have already provided Dynamics 365 for hundreds of organisations throughout the UK. We are one of the select few Microsoft Gold Partners, so your investment and the digital future of your business is in the safest possible hands. With our expert implementation and continuing support, everything will work smoothly and be up and running as quickly as possible.

Contact us to see how Microsoft Dynamics 365, expertly installed by Fabric, can transform your business.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?, Fabric

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