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What is Power BI?

Find insights with the data that resides in your organisation with Power BI

Ed Wright, Services and Development Director, Fabric

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is an application within the Microsoft 365 product stack that we can use to find insights with the data that resides in our organisation.

We amass vast amounts of data in our business, and we struggle to make use of it. The right Business Intelligence software can help make use of this data.

What can Power BI do for my business?

Once Power BI has been embedded within our organisation for some time, it can help us to visualise not only what has occurred in the past, but to help us forecast and plan for what may happen in the future. This can be achieved due to machine learning features that allow us to query for patterns in the data, which in turn means that we can make well-informed predictions.

Power BI can be used to connect to multiple data sets across various locations. Once we have connected to the data, Power BI can help us to cleanse and re-shape the data so that we can present this in the visual format that we require.



How Does Power BI Work?

Power BI is delivered by a combination of applications, services and connectors that all work together to gain access to our data and provide us with interactive insights. Whether we have data in excel spreadsheets, Enterprise databases or cloud resources, we can pull of this data into a central data model and use this data to deliver interactive analytics, business intelligence and visual insights. We can create custom reports with visual insights that provide value.

What are the benefits of Power BI?

  • Access vast quantities of data
  • Benefit from Machine Learning capabilities
  • Use the in-built templates for creating reports
  • Data and reports can be accessed from anywhere due to cloud hosting.
  • Create custom alerts when we meet thresholds or key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Power BI is user-friendly with intuitive interfaces
  • Power BI ensures that the data is safe with granular access control

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Ed Wright, Services and Development Director, Fabric

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