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What is Windows Virtual Desktop? 

What is Windows Virtual Desktop? 

What is Windows Virtual Desktop? , Fabric

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a cloud “Desktop as a service” offering from Microsoft Azure. Remote desktop and app virtualisation provides access to an environment that is tailored for a user’s needs, whether that is an app or desktop environment.

Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities :

  • Full desktop environment 
  • Create a different environment based on user needs 
  • Multiple sessions to the same host keeping cost down 

1. Access anywhere from any device! 

Accessing Windows Virtual Desktop only requires a single piece of software installed on the user’s device or access to the VWD website. Users can use any device they want, from their desktop computer, tablet and even their mobile phone! As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go! 

2. Extended support for Windows 7

RIP Windows 7. On Jan 14th 2020, this is the end of life for the good old OS. This means no software/security updates or technical support. Oh wait, not with WVD. Windows 7 will have extended support on windows virtual desktop until Jan 2023. Meaning legacy applications can still be running! 

Windows 7 grave

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3. Well maintained 

As the environment is isolated and highly available to administrators, maintenance of application can role out efficiently. Windows virtual desktop is optimised for Office 365 services, with full Teams video & audio functionality and fast, reliable experience from OneDrive.

4. Flexibility 

With Windows Virtual Desktop, only pay for Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Storage consumed by users during their use of the service.

Windows Virtual Desktop

 5. Variety

One of the handy things about Azure virtual machines is the variety of VM sizes (specification). There are lots of VM scaling (the amount of VMs used for VWD) options which allows adjustments for the users demand.

6. For any user 

As previously mentioned, there is a massive verity of VM sizes. Azure N-series VMs use Nvidia GPUs, these are designed for Graphics/Compute intensive workloads such as CAD users. Windows Virtual Desktop can provide for the most demanding user needs!

Whether its single application or whole desktops environment, WVD is a scalable, secure and agile. Could this be the best solution for you?

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What is Windows Virtual Desktop? , Fabric

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