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What is Yammer?

The social networking tool to openly connect and engage across your organisation

Pete Walklate, Service Desk Engineer, Fabric

You’ll probably be familiar with most Office 365 applications. But some of the best apps aren’t always used to their potential, or aren’t even used at all! Yammer is one of those apps that can get overlooked. But don’t be mistaken, this tool could be the solution to help connect and engage your organisation.

So, what is Yammer? To cut it short Yammer is like a corporate version of Facebook.

It’s an online collaboration tool for your corporate social network, hosted in the cloud. This allows companies of all sizes to communicate globally in real-time. A lot of organisations are now shying away from using email for internal and some cases external communication, and moving towards apps like Teams and Yammer as a means of communication.

So many people are now familiar with Facebook as a way of communicating with friends and colleagues. Having over 2.38 billion people using it, it seems like an obvious choice for Microsoft to use a similar type of platform. Yammer has an easy to use interface, which allows your staff to get started without no real need for training or guidance.

Fabric Yammer Screenshot

In Yammer, you can post updates, questions, polls, praise and announcements to groups.

Here’s a short video from Microsoft on Yammer:



Yammer groups can be created based on departments or interests to join in with conversations relevant to a specific subject. At Fabric IT, the most active group is ‘All Company’ where we post general company updates and announcements to the entire team. Gone are the days of Staff’All’ emails!

You can even join public Yammer groups, aiding online collaboration on particular areas and allowing you to invite your clients for their vital input.

There’s also the option to have a Yammer app installed on your mobile device, to keep you up-to-date whether you’re in the office or not. To learn how to set up your mobile device, click here.


Already got Office 365?

Here’s a handy user training guide to help get your business started with Yammer: Training Guide

Not got Office 365?

Yammer comes as part of some Office 365 plans being incorporated within their Enterprise plans, and can also be bought as a stand-alone product.


If you’re interested in rolling this out across your business, then please feel free to get in touch where one of our team will be able to assist.

Pete Walklate, Service Desk Engineer, Fabric

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