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What’s New: Latest Windows Update 1909

What new features are in the latest Windows update in November 2019?

Josh Kimpton, Systems Engineer, Fabric

Are there any issues with this Windows Update?

In November 2019, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 1909 update. While this may not be the most substantial update released, there may be a few features which could come in handy for you. As you may already know, in October 2019, Microsoft released an update that caused no end of issues on computers. 1909 is described as a less disruptive update, with fewer noticeable changes.

Want to read more on the update before this? There were some issues with VPN caused by the October Windows 10 update.

Stand out features for the latest Windows Update 1909

Online Search in File Explorer

The first new feature is the online search which you can now do in File Explorer. There is the ability to select search in the top right corner when you are in the file explorer as previously, you can view the list of search results. With the new update, you now can search for files which are stored in your OneDrive.

This gives you the ability to search your online directory rather than just the local one. You even can right-click and go straight to the file location! This makes OneDrive navigation much easier!

Do you prefer Alexa to Cortana? – Voice Assistant Integration

Another new feature of the update is voice assistant. Previously there was only one option to use Cortana on the lock screen; however, now we have the opportunity to use other voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa. We still need to wait for Amazon to add this feature to Alexa; however, Microsoft has now done their part. You could even use Alexa on the lock screen to provide you with an answer!

Additional Calendar Features in the Windows Taskbar

Calendar event creation is another new feature within this update. Instead of having to go into the calendar app and create appointments in here, you can now create them by simply clicking the time on your taskbar, and from here you can select and date and type within the text box to create your new event. Within here you can specify a name, time and a location for your event.

How Important is it to Update Windows 10?

Very. You might be wondering, what’s the point in updating your device all the time? See our Service Delivery Managers post on why Windows updates are so important.

Josh Kimpton, Systems Engineer, Fabric

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