Case Study 29 June 2017

Compass Energy Consulting Engineers

Founded in 1991, Compass Energy provides mechanical and electrical consultancy, design and engineering services for a wide range of clients.

Compass Energy

Fabric has been the company’s IT provider since 2014, providing invaluable advice and maintenance.

Painless upgrades

As a modern engineering consultancy, IT services such as CAD and collaborative tools are vital to Compass Energy’s work. The company switched to Fabric because they needed maximum reliability.

“We are stuck if our IT goes down,” explains Andrew Malloy, Senior Consultant Engineer at Compass Energy. “Thankfully, Fabric has implemented and managed our IT systems as painlessly as can be.”

“Fabric managed our Windows 10 upgrade without issue, helped us reduce costs with Office 365, and sorted out our new server. It was purchased, installed and migrated in a couple of days.”


Optimised for speed

Fabric also provides useful advice and IT support to Compass Energy.

“We have limited Internet speed at our premises, which can be tough on our cloud services,” continues Andrew. “Fabric optimised our systems for maximum speed, so we can make the most of what we have.”

“IT support has also been really good – we phone them, get an engineer assigned, they deal with the issue, and that’s that.”

“We needed a reliable IT provider that would enable us to focus on our work without worrying about IT. Delta Comtech fit the bill.”

Andrew Malloy, Senior Consultant Engineer


Compass Energy

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