Case Study 29 June 2017


Helping to improve disaster recovery systems in 2015.

Catherine Reveley

A manufacturer and installer of high quality roof glazing and c

Preventing disaster

With project data vital to the company’s daily work, Twinfix began a disaster recovery systems project in mid-2015. It partnered with Fabric because of the company’s helpful approach and cloud expertise.

“We were vulnerable,” recalls company director Sarah Kench. “We were still using tape backup, which was not reliable.”

“Fabric were very helpful in providing a detailed plan that included new hardware and a secure new cloud backup system. They also helped us to save money with Office 365 and a new VoIP phone system.”

A manufacturer and installer of high quality roof glazing and canopies, Twinfix began working with Fabric when the company needed to improve its disaster recovery systems in 2015.

Daily cloud backups

With the new systems in place, Twinfix has confidence that it can recover quickly from data loss without damaging its client services.

“We feel secure now,” continues Sarah. “Our IT infrastructure is well configured, and our data is backed up daily to the cloud. If something did happen to our on-premises IT, we can simply restore it from the cloud and keep working as normal.”

“We were vulnerable to data loss before we started working with Fabric. We feel secure now, with a well configured infrastructure and backup system.”

Sarah Kench, Director

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