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Dark Web Monitoring

Have your business’ passwords, usernames, email addresses or other essential assets been hacked? If so, they could be sold on the Dark Web to cybercriminals. What’s more, if you don’t have the right tools in place, you might not even know anything about it until it’s too late.


Thankfully, we offer a Dark Web Scanning service that can help save your data from falling into the wrong hands.

What is the Dark Web?

There are vast areas of the world wide web that aren’t visible in Google or any other mainstream search engines. Sites that can’t be accessed using conventional web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

This is the Dark Web, and it’s a global online marketplace for criminal activity. A diverse, decentralised network that’s impossible to control or shut down. Credit card and bank account log-in details, drugs, weapons, stolen subscriptions, counterfeit currency, and the latest hacking software are bought and sold there. So are digital credentials from businesses like yours.

Experts estimate that criminals use at least 50% of Dark Web sites for illicit transactions. So, when cybercriminals succeed in compromising your business data, they’ll turn to the Dark Web to make money from it.

How does Fabric’s Dark Web Monitoring Work?

  1. Free Dark Web Scan

    Our advanced scanning software will crawl the most remote and inaccessible recesses of the Dark Web in search of your credentials. If they’ve been compromised or put on sale, we’ll track them down and alert you.

  2. Breach prevention

    If our Dark Web scan tool finds your credentials, we’ll reset them before someone buys them, restoring the security of your business.

  3. Phishing testing

    Staff opening phishing emails is one of the biggest dangers to every organisation. We prevent this by sending harmless phishing-style emails to your people and seeing who takes the bait. Security training can then be focused on the individuals who need it most.

  4. Continuous monitoring

    Eternal vigilance is essential to protect you from the Dark Web. Like the cybercriminals, our monitoring works 24/7/365. We will also advise you on simple precautions to protect your business online, including: Staff security awareness training, Using robust passwords and changing them frequently, Using a different password for every account.

Why you should use Dark Web monitoring

Digital credentials are among the most valuable commodities bought and sold on the Dark Web. More than 80% of data breaches involve stolen passwords.

Just think how many different online services your workforce will access in a typical working day:

  • Payroll
  • Confidential HR files
  • Banks
  • Social media platforms
  • Travel sites
  • Email accounts

Every digital interaction in your organisation is an opportunity for cybercriminals. More than 14 million small-to-mid-sized businesses were hit by catastrophic data breaches last year alone. Some just about survived, but an alarming 60 percent of SMBs go out of business within six months of a cyber incident.

IT security issues your business could face

  1. Identity fraud

    If your staff members have their identity stolen, it gives hackers an easy route into your systems. That access can be used for activity that harms your business by inconveniencing your customers and/or damaging your reputation.

  2. Multiple-use passwords

    Most people use the same password on different websites and services. Your staff will be no exception. Every time this happens, it increases the chances of your credentials appearing on the Dark Web.

  3. GDPR breaches

    Remember, too, that failure to adequately protect the personal data you process can mean failing to comply with GDPR. Your business can be fined up to 4 percent of its annual turnover as a result. Thus, merely being vulnerable to attacks could cost you a lot of money, even if your IT security is never breached.

Why choose Fabric IT?

  • Microsoft approved - At Fabric IT, we are Microsoft Gold Partners and one of the UK’s leading providers of all aspects of business IT support. As well as Dark Web Monitoring for business, our security services include Bull Phish Testing — a process of using awareness training and simulations to maximise your team’s awareness of phishing attacks.
  • Security - Our range of infrastructure products includes Microsoft 365 Secure, a complete IT solution with unlimited support and advanced security built-in.
  • Expertise - We have the knowledge and expertise to tailor the ideal package for your business, complete with 24/7 monitoring. We’ll also provide a dedicated account manager as your single point of contact.

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