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Choosing The Best Hardware For Your Business Can Be Confusing

Josh Kimpton, Systems Engineer, Fabric

Many additional peripherals can be considered in 2019 for businesses, which can increase productivity and overall speed of work. Within this blog, I will be discussing a few examples of these and giving you the pros and cons of each.

Dual Screens

Dual monitors are something that is becoming more and more common within a work environment. The most popular model I find is our highest seller, the DELL P2418D. This monitor provides a sleek design with a thin bezel. This means the space taken up on the desk, is used effectively.

Dual monitors can provide a more efficient workspace as time is saved going from screen to screen, for example, needing info from one document for use in another document.

Dual screens fabric

Wireless Mice and Keyboards

Wireless keyboards and mice can be a beneficial combo for remote workers and people in and out of the office regularly.

These are often now sold in sets meaning there only needs to be one wireless connector and one USB port taken on your laptop or docking station, however, the USB connector (Dongle) can be moved easily.

For users on the move, wireless keyboard and mice can be taken on the go anywhere. All you need is the dongle attached; size may be something to consider regarding the keyboard as a bulky keyboard could take up room in your travel bag, but there are many reasonably sized keyboards out there for purchase.


Docking Stations

Docking stations are instrumental in a business environment; they are essentially a hub used to connect all your other pieces of hardware. The dock is used to connect your laptop to your monitors, network and any other peripheral devices that you may want to join. Without a docking station, your desk may end up looking like a wreck of cables, that is if your laptop has the correct connectors for your monitors.


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Josh Kimpton, Systems Engineer, Fabric

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