Fabric IT have been helping businesses across the UK with all their Microsoft Dynamics implementations and IT support for over 20 years. Our in-house team has a wealth of experience within multiple markets and industry sectors, ensuring that they have the ammunition to operate at the very top of their game. We’re passionate about getting to know each business and the market in which they work so that we know how to help when you need it.

Our Experience Across Sectors

Because Fabric IT have helped businesses across the UK we have an understanding of what challenges are prevalent in certain markets. The following is some of the experience we have.

  • Manufacturing – By employing Microsoft Dynamics 365 into manufacturing processes you can keep track of what’s been made and how it’s stored and distributed
  • Construction – knowing what projects are in progress and how to approach a new business is integral to any construction company.
  • Charities – we’ve been working with a number of charities across different areas ensuring that their day-to-day goes smoothly.
  • Professional Services – Whether it’s keeping track of clients or salespeople on the road, Fabric IT will have the perfect solution for your business
  • Logistics and Distribution – using market-leading technology, Fabric IT will sort out consignments, storage and route planning, all in one solution.
  • Marketing - Working with award-winning marketing agencies, Fabric has ensured that they're always online, always efficient and have the right platform available for quick growth.


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