Microsoft Dynamics for Accounting

The success of any business hinges on how effectively its finances are managed. Whether you want to keep a tight rein on your company’s accounts or are trusted by your clients to keep a close eye on theirs, you need a solution that goes beyond the basic accounting software on the market. Microsoft Dynamics Accounting is the smart choice for any business looking for a way to integrate and manage all their accounting processes with ease.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics for Accounting?

Microsoft accounting software can simply help your business be more productive. It’s designed in such a way that makes managing multiple clients effortless, and it removes the need for manual input typically required in many accounting processes.

The time you save doing this lets you add value in other ways for your existing clients or focus on gaining new customers that will grow your business.

Other benefits include:

  • A solution that grows with you - Don’t waste your time with systems that you’ll just outgrow as your business expands. Microsoft Dynamics Accounting is fully scalable, and because it’s cloud-based there’s no limit to how it can adapt to meet the demands of your business in the future.
  • Help your clients think smarter - When you choose Microsoft accounting software, you’re buying in to an integrated suite of Microsoft solutions. By incorporating Power BI – Microsoft’s business intelligence tools – you can access powerful reporting capabilities and customisable dashboards that give your clients business-changing insights.
  • Access your system anywhere - Microsoft Dynamics delivers maximum business efficiency by ensuring every employee can access all your processes and data through their mobile device. That means when a client has a question, they can answer it wherever they are. The days of being tied to the office are gone!
  • Stay on the right side of the law - With a system that lets you handle, store, and transmit data securely you can respect your customers’ privacy while complying with GDPR guidelines. Set restrictions on who can access what data and handle personal data with confidence thanks to industry-leading automatic encryption.

Microsoft Dynamics for Accounting

At Fabric IT we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them enjoy the benefits of putting Microsoft Dynamics at the heart of their operation.

We can take your accounting business to the next level by implementing a solution that meets your needs today and grows with your practice tomorrow.

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