Microsoft Dynamics for HR

In any business, the HR function plays a crucial role. Being able to effectively oversee every aspect of your workforce, and consistently identify and attract the most talented people on the market, is vital for your company to thrive. Microsoft Dynamics HR seamlessly integrates your entire people process and helps you manage your staff turnover, find great candidates and measure the performance of your employees.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics for HR?

The Microsoft Dynamics HR system is the catalyst for your business to achieve human resource excellence. It does this by
transforming every HR process.

It reduces paperwork, removes the complexities of reporting, minimises the risks around compliance, automates tasks that were previously carried out manually and helps your team operate more efficiently.

Other benefits include:

  • Measure performance with ease - Every manager wants to build a high-performing team, and the Microsoft Dynamics HR system gives them the tools to measure that. You can track progress and accomplishments, and access real-time organisational data that helps you identify issues and act where required.
  • Transform your recruitment process - It’s never been simpler to manage every stage of the recruitment journey. From posting notifications of vacant positions and candidate searches to interviews, assessments and hiring, the process is seamless. Microsoft Dynamics HR also enables collaborative recruiting by bringing HR teams and managers together around a shared goal of employing the best talent.
  • Boost staff retention - Show your employees that you take their personal development seriously. Give every staff member the platform to showcase their skills and promote themselves within your organisation. Create personalised portals where they can match their competencies with career goals and opportunities.
  • Personalise your solution - Every business is different and so are your requirements. Microsoft Dynamics HR is an intuitive and customisable application that you can configure to your preferences. Change the layout, hide or add fields… it’s up to you. And because it’s a scalable solution, it can grow as your business grows.

Microsoft Dynamics for HR

Let the Fabric IT team help take your HR function to the next level by implementing Microsoft Dynamics HR for your business.

As the North West’s leading Microsoft Dynamics provider, we’ll work with you to ensure you get a solution that enables you to deliver exceptional experiences across your employer journey.

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