Microsoft Dynamics for Legal

Good legal practice is built on clarity. The ability to understand all the details, review the facts against the letter of the law and make sounds decisions based on knowledge is essential. Whatever the size of your legal company, having a clear picture of every aspect of their business helps you not only deliver the best results for your clients, but operate efficiently and profitably. Microsoft Dynamics for law firms is a CRM and business development solution that provides that single view which every legal practice is looking for.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics for legal?

Microsoft Dynamics has revolutionised the way the legal industry is able to get closer to their clients.

Designed with the specific needs of the legal sector in mind, it’s a single intelligent cloud application that helps you get the most from your client relationships, marketing and business development activities.

Other benefits include:

  • All your information in one place - One system and one location for all your data. It’s never been easier to track and store every single client interaction and piece of case information in a way that every employee can access.
  • Create and track budgets - It’s simple to monitor the performance of your firm by team, matter or work type. Understand who’s working on what case and for how long.
  • Enjoy seamless integration - Microsoft Dynamics effortlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft tools to maximise your existing.
  • Get the full picture from anywhere - Because Microsoft Dynamics for law firms is entirely mobile optimised, your lawyers can access all their vital client, contract and matter information wherever they are.
  • Organise your day-to-day operation - The beauty of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it can help you run your business every day. Set reminders, assign tasks, schedule meetings, automate the sending of marketing materials… the list goes on.
  • Scale as your firm grows - This is a system that’s built for change. Start with what you need now, and easily adapt and grow it as your business evolves.
  • Synchronise your data - In-built data harvesting and synchronisation tools automatically capture data from your other systems. They then connect all this together to create a relationship management platform without the need for manual input.

Whether you want a CRM for managing client interactions, developing leads, tracking time and activities or co-ordinating your marketing, Microsoft Dynamics is a feature-rich solution that’s perfect for your law firm.

At Fabric IT we’re experienced at working with clients in the legal sector. We can deliver and configure the system you need that can grow with your business.

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