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Our IT experts have been successfully supporting small to medium-sized businesses for more than 20 years. Now we’re ready to help you.

Managed IT Services

In an ideal world, your IT systems would always run smoothly. The reality, however, is that small and large issues can arise when you’re least expecting it. For your business, this means more time spent dealing with headaches from IT issues outside of your daily operations.

That’s where we come in. Our managed IT services take the strain off your team by providing you with round-the-clock support and lightning-fast solutions. Whether you need help with technical expertise, managing user issues, or finding security recommendations, we’ll take care of all the fiddly stuff – giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Auditing infrastructure

As a starting point, we will complete a 360 review of your IT infrastructure. That means looking at your hardware, software, network, cloud estate, and servers from every conceivable angle. We’ll make sure file permissions are given to the right people, your cloud environments are correctly configured, and domain services run like clockwork. And that’s just the start. Here’s a breakdown of the basics we’ll cover in our auditing phase:

  • Hardware reviews – auditing the spec, model and warranty of laptops/desktops
  • Software reviews
  • Network reviews – reviewing WiFi access points and network devices such as printers
  • Server infrastructure
  • User accounts – reviewing admin rights and permissions
  • Files and folder permissions – reviewing individual access requirements to documents and identifying the permission of least privilege
  • Cloud estate review – including platforms such as Office 365, Google Cloud, Dropbox and iCloud
  • Domain review – including your website, hosting platforms and security certificates

As part of our on-going IT support service, we will carry out an in-depth, detailed 360 review every year for your organisation.

Shadow IT Review

As a modern business, you need to make quick decisions and act when opportunities arise. We understand that. But this can often come at the expense of your IT security. To make sure you’re not left exposed to any attacks, we conduct a shadow review of your IT infrastructure and highlight any weaknesses. These entry points might include any devices connecting to your servers outside of a ring-fenced work environment, or users downloading software without realising the risks. If there’s a vulnerability in your system, we’ll find it.

Statement of work

Upon completing a comprehensive audit of your IT systems, we will present our findings and recommendations in a language that’s easy to understand. No jargon or arcane lingo. Simply a clear and concise statement of work that spells out what you can do to manage your IT effectively. It’s up to you then if you want our experts to make the necessary changes or not.

What to expect from IT Support with Fabric

On-going support

It’s true that we aren’t the only IT support company in the UK. But there aren’t many others that come close to our service offering. Over the last five years, we’ve maintained a customer retention rate of 98 percent and boast a ‘satisfaction score’ of 96 percent. Part of the reason these figures are so high is that our guaranteed response times are unmatched by competitors.

By understanding who you are and how you operate, our managed IT services will fit around you and your business, rather than making changes to accommodate us. With our unparalleled IT knowledge and expertise, it is highly likely that we’ve already encountered the issues you are facing and have previously resolved it.

Find out more about how your business could benefit from our swift service, below.

  • Rapid response times

  • If your business is down or systems are not working, our 24/7/365 IT service desk guarantees response times in under 15 minutes for critical issues. No ifs, no buts. Our engineers will pounce onto the fault and rectify it as quickly as possible, so you can continue working. Likewise, if a user has an issue, you can expect our team to help them within half an hour. All other support issues, such as a new user joining your system, will be resolved within 24 hours.

  • Monthly account meeting

  • As part of our managed IT services, we arrange for an account manager to meet with you once a month. Your dedicated contact will talk you through any industry updates, review software licenses, advise on training opportunities, and keep you updated with how your IT infrastructure is performing. And don’t worry, these aren’t sales-based account managers – they’re tech experts who are familiar with the inner workings of your infrastructure.

  • Quality IT engineers

  • You’ll be pleased to know that our engineers are some of the most experienced people in the business. Each engineer is certified by Microsoft and trained to the highest industry standards. For instance, they are all required to complete a mandatory 12 days of Microsoft training per year as a minimum. For you, this means having elite engineers continually keeping their eye on your IT systems.

  • Regular IT training

  • As part of our service, we’ll give your staff access to ClipTraining. This on-demand e-learning solution for Microsoft 365 provides your team with new skills to improve work speed and productivity. You’ll have 24/7 access to the learning portal, where you’ll find “how-to” training videos created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs. Best of all, staff can watch the training from any device and in any place, so there’s minimal disruption to the working day.

IT Support Products

Office 365

Microsoft 365

Previously known as ‘Office 365’, the new Microsoft cloud platform gives you access to apps, intelligent services, and advanced security. Microsoft 365 for business is available in three-tiered packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The more comprehensive option is suitable for small to medium-sized companies with full-time office staff. Get your Microsoft 365 license today and gain instant access to apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams.

Fabric 365

Make sure your staff work together securely with an all-inclusive IT subscription. Our Fabric 365 offering is an intelligent solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility+ Security. It offers everything you need to strengthen your day-to-day IT requirements – including unlimited remote and on-site IT support. Get started with packages from £39.95 per person per month.


Email Signature Management

Customise your email signatures automatically with our management service. From just £1 a user, you can consistently size your logos and iconography, ensuring signatures are suitable for all devices. Best of all, there’s no set up required – email signatures are updated directly from the Office 365 portal. Our email signature management service is yet another reason to take advantage of Fabric 365. 


Microsoft Business Voice

Simplify your internal and external communications with Microsoft 365 Business Voice. This cloud-based phone system integrates into Office 365 and standardises your business communications. You’ll receive a single number to use across computers, mobile devices, and desk phones, managed from one cloud portal. Import existing numbers from your address book and forward calls to voicemail with ease. You’ll even have the power to collaborate on apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within meetings.

The benefits of having an IT support plan

  1. Industry expertise

    We have 25 years’ experience and have been around since computers became mainstream. Our staff have huge amounts of expertise at their fingertips.

  2. Reduce risks

    One significant risk for businesses that rely on a single employee for their IT is the loss of knowledge when that person leaves. Don’t rely on one individual.

  3. Focus on running your business

    Choose Fabric and you’ll have experts waiting in the wings to resolve any faults in your current IT systems. We’re here to worry about both the menial and big tasks associated with your IT infrastructure, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

  4. Grow your business

    Your business might be growing beyond its technology, or it might be time to review how your processes work. In either case, we can support you while working to any budget constraints.

  5. No hidden costs

    Our Fabric 365 offering is yet to be beaten on price, starting from £39.95 per user with no hidden costs. Contact our team today for a quick discussion about how we can work in tandem with your business.


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