Enterprise Mobility and Security

Enterprise Mobility and Security

Mobile devices are revolutionising the way we all work. In business mobility is agility. But smartphones, tablets and laptops also provide the biggest danger to the security of your data – and your business. Failure to consider the security of your apps, devices and data can be one of the biggest threats to your business.

Don't fear Cybercrime, defeat it.

By implementing the right enterprise mobility tools and policies your business can be ready to stop cybercrime before it affects your business which will give you the ability to:

• Manage devices connected to your business
• Improve overall business data security
• Allow staff and partners to collaborate securely
• Work flexibly anywhere with the right security with all your business tools

Our mobility and security solutions include:

  • Microsoft Intune - Mobile has the potential to increase your teams’ productivity and flexibility. However, with so many different kinds of devices to secure, managing them can be complicated. And because mobile devices can travel everywhere, data they carry is at much greater risk.
  • Cloud App Security - Your business is increasingly reliant on cloud apps and storage. Research shows many employees use unapproved software-as-a-service (SaaS) for company work. And the security of public cloud services is outside your direct control. How can you monitor how your business is really using cloud – and protect against threats?
  • Azure Information Protection - Configured and managed by Fabric, Azure Information Protection enables you to classify, label and protect your emails and documents. It’s a cloud-based solution that integrates with Office 365 and your other Microsoft cloud services, so you can take control within the apps you use every day.
  • Azure Active Directory - The number of apps your teams use keeps growing – and so does the number of sign-ins they need to use. More sign-ins means more time spent forgetting and resetting passwords, more user management effort, and greater management costs. All of which amount to lost productivity.
  • Advanced Threat Protection - Configured and managed by Fabric, Advanced Threat Protection integrates with your Microsoft cloud services to provide real-time protection against email threats. It identifies and prevents the spread of malware, analyses and warns against harmful links and attachments, and provides reports that help you better understand security risks.
  • Microsoft Identity Manager - Configured and managed by Fabric, Microsoft Identity Manager is an identity and access management solution for on-premises and cloud IT systems. It consolidates multiple user IDs in a common identity. So it’s easier for you to manage, and for your staff to use. Security is stronger, access management is more efficient, and less working time is wasted.

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