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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s familiar and essential suite of productivity tools has been reengineered and enhanced for the way we work today: online, anywhere, any time. It’s Office as you know it and much more. New, innovative tools to help us all work better together with simplicity and assured security.


Office 365 Apps and Software

Office 365 contains the programs and apps that you'll be familiar with, and some that perhaps you won't be. Microsoft Office 365 keeps your business connected and synced everywhere in the world. Each team member can create, edit and share on any device at any time, helping to deliver business growth.

  • Skype for Business - You may know Skype, but do you know Skype for Business? It adds powerful business phone features, conferencing, sharing and more. With Skype for Business you can have one simple infrastructure for all of your communication needs. And it integrates seamlessly with your Office 365 apps and tools.
  • Microsoft OneDrive - Microsoft OneDrive is online cloud storage that works seamlessly with the Office tools you use every day. You can share and manage your files and documents from anywhere, and collaborate in real time on any PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows device. The security built into OneDrive meets stringent global and industry-specific standards.
  • Microsoft Delve - Delve is a way to break down your storage silos. It helps your teams discover content and people relevant to them, even within massive data volumes. Your staff can also use Delve to share their work across the business, helping teammates get to know each other and encouraging collaboration.
  • Microsoft Teams - You may have heard of other chat-based workspaces, such as Slack. Microsoft Teams is the only one fully integrated with your Office apps and tools, allowing staff to collaborate on docs right in the app. And it’s the only one you can include in your Office 365 plan, giving you better value.
  • Microsoft Planner - There are hundreds of project management tools out there, but only one connects seamlessly with your Office apps. Your teams can even work on Office docs together inside the Planner app. And as part of an Office 365 plan, it’s more economical than many standalone alternatives. With the quality of features and support you expect from Microsoft, Planner can cure your project headaches.
  • Microsoft PowerApps - PowerApps provides intuitive visual tools for creating your own web and mobile apps. No code required. All you need is a business problem that can be solved with an app. Thanks to PowerApps’ templates, easy interface and data features, you can build custom apps in no time. And your teams can start using them moments later.
  • Power BI - Power BI is a suite of analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your company. Connect it to the data that matters to your business, and you can publish powerful reports in minutes. With Power BI you can prepare data and reports faster, make smarter decisions, and even create a live dashboard that keeps your insights current. There are also industry-specific Power BI solutions that are tailored for your needs.
  • Microsoft SharePoint - SharePoint Online is your mobile, intelligent intranet. With a dynamic SharePoint site for each of your teams, everyone can get the newest relevant docs, data, news and resources – anytime, on any device. SharePoint sites are also the ideal place to start collaborating. So, your teams can get to work faster and better together.
  • Microsoft Exchange - Configured and managed by Fabric as part of your Office 365 solution, Exchange Online is cloud-hosted business email that helps you work smarter, anywhere. Built on world-leading Microsoft cloud technology, it protects you from threats and downtime. And if you’re moving from an office server, it will make your work email more mobile.
  • Yammer - You want your teams to communicate and collaborate more easily, even though they aren’t always in the same office together. And you want your most exciting work and achievements to inspire the whole company. Social features are the ideal fit – and now you can build a private social network for your business.




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