Hardware and software are the at heart of your business. The technology on people’s desks and in their hands is critical to your business performance. By working with Fabric to ensure that you choose and implement the right solution means that your business will benefit and continue to grow. Managing an IT Inventory can be time consuming and complex, so let the Fabric team do it for you.

Providing the Right Guidance

The right device can often mean the difference between loving technology and hating it. We have all had the laptop that is too heavy to carry round or battery life that last half a train journey. Use our product experts to help you Love your technology.

The Fabric Approach to Hardware

  • Consultation - Let understand how you work now and how you want to work.
  • Budget - There is little point in recommending a £2000 ultrabook if a £300 desktop is what you're in the market for.
  • Choices - We will always try to present you with three choices, we will always have a preferred recommendation but we understand that you have to use this device for the next 3-5 years so its important you have a choice.
Fabric IT (as a Microsoft Partner) are also credited sellers of Microsoft Surface as a Service. Surface as a Service with Fabric is a managed offering of Surface hardware on a rental basis. Speak to us to see how we can help.




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