Microsoft Dynamics for Email Marketing

Email has been an essential tool of marketers for decades and is as important today as it ever has been. When used poorly email is nothing more than an irritant for recipients, but when used well it can be an incredibly powerful way of reaching customers. With Microsoft Dynamics Email Marketing capabilities you can create and deliver effective, personalised marketing emails with the ease and efficiency that will transform your communications.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics for Email Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics Email is borne out of an understanding of what excellence in email marketing looks like. It’s been created to enable any business to re-think how they use email and help them get the most from this powerful tool.

It makes your business smarter by taking the guesswork out of creating, sending, analysing and continually improving your personalised email marketing communications.

Other benefits include:

  • Target market segments and individuals - With Dynamics 365 you can create marketing segments to send your emails to, while ensuring each recipient receives a message personalised to them. This personal information may include their name, gender, location or purchasing preferences. Personalisation can massively improve the chances of your emails being opened and responded to.
  • Build customer journeys around email - Place email at the heart of a customer journey. Apply logic based on recipients’ actions to trigger appropriate email responses to each outcome. For example, if your first email is an event invitation, Dynamics 365 would trigger a thank you message to respondents who agreed to attend or a reminder email to those that failed to answer.
  • Stay error-free and compliant - Before any emails are sent, Dynamics 365 runs an automated error check. This goes far beyond just having an extra pair of eyes on your communications. It ensures your emails contain all the required content fields to maintain your organisation’s reputation, and remain compliant with email marketing and data regulations.
  • Track and measure every email you send - With Microsoft Dynamics Email you can analyse exactly how each email performs. Use sophisticated tracking to record metrics such as open and click-through rates. When an email is forwarded this is also monitored through a redirect link that’s unique to each recipient.

Email is a vital marketing channel for modern business. If you want to create email communications that help increase revenue, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, Fabric IT can help.

We have the expertise to place Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the heart of your operation, so you can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Email Marketing.

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