Microsoft Dynamics for Sales

It’s an incredibly competitive world out there, and any advantage that helps you better identify, manage and convert leads is invaluable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is an intelligent cloud application that helps you sell more, faster. It guides you in pursuing the right opportunities, then streamlines every stage of the sales process. Which means you can focus on what matters most – closing more deals.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics for Sales?

Knowledge is power and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales gives your sales team an unfair advantage when communicating with prospects.

You can keep track of your contacts through interactive org charts to understand the relationships they have within their organisation and identify potential stakeholders and influencers. Then use this insight to generate new prospects and opportunities.

Other benefits include:

  • Make it personal - By unifying all your data and processes, your sellers have the insight they need to create personalised communications, build trust and manage relationships more effectively. Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides a richer form of customer data that can lead to warmer introductions.
  • Sell smarter - Advanced scoring models help you identify those prospects most likely to convert, so you know where to focus your time and energy. The sharing of prospect data lets you create warm introductions through colleagues who are already in contact with prospects.
  • Spend more time selling - Every minute not spent closing a sale is a minute wasted. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales professionals frees up time by simplifying everyday tasks, such as data entry. It also lets you share and access best practice playbooks which contain proven sales techniques for you to follow, rather than re-inventing the wheel with each prospect.
  • Adapt and innovate with ease - When things change, Dynamics 365 for Sales can change too. It’s simple to build and deploy web pages and mobile apps without the need for coding skills. And with the solution being housed on the Microsoft cloud platform, you don’t have to worry about security or the cost of operating a global infrastructure.

Dynamics 365 for Sales is the secret weapon for any sales function looking to up its game. The ability to better manage prospects and close more sales is within your grasp.

At Fabric IT we have the expertise to place Microsoft Dynamics at the heart of your business so you can transform your sales and start turning relationships into revenue.

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