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Clickdimensions is the perfect user-friendly marketing toolkit for any organisation running Microsoft Dynamics 365. Deployed by the expert Fabric team, it will enable you to integrate the full spectrum of marketing activity, including emails, social media and events, within your CRM via Dynamics 365.

Powerful Connected Tools

Having the right software when it comes to marketing and automation is key to success

  • Campaign Automation - Build multi-channel campaigns that run themselves with an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Email Marketing - Create compelling email campaigns simply, using your own branding and content. Send automatic replies, send to marketing lists or from a CRM workflow... Make email work your way.
  • Web Forms - Create intelligent web forms and use them to interact smartly with prospects and customers.
  • Event Management - Integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with all your events and webinars. Know which prospects and customers are attending, analyse registration and attendance information, log interest levels, know who asked which questions and more.
  • Web Intelligence - Turn interested visitors into hot prospects via web tracking. Record the activity of anonymous visitors so you tailor marketing to them when you learn their contact information.
  • Reporting - Why wait? React instantly with at-a-glance insights into your sales and marketing campaigns. integrated reporting of all your emails, web visits, page views and submitted forms in one place.
  • Surveys - Create smart, stylish surveys simply, email them to the right people and integrate the data gathered with your CRM, so managers can act on low ratings or surprising findings.
  • Lead Scoring - Rate sales leads so you customise marketing activity and focus on the best prospects.
  • Create Landing Pages - Build stylish and hard-working web landing pages. No HTML knowledge needed.
  • SMS - Get the simple power of text messaging working. Send bulk or individual personalised messages and keep track of all your SMS activity within your Dynamics CRM system.
  • Social Media - Post immediately or at a scheduled time to your preferred social platforms from within Dynamics 365. Integrate and manage all your social activity, track engagement data, highlight your email marketing via social. Like?

Why Choose Fabric IT as your Clickdimensions Partner

  1. We are Clickdimensions Certified

    We make sure all our Dynamics 365 consultants are clickdimensions trained to ensure you get the best implementation possible.

  2. We have our Marketing Team on hand

    Clickdimensions is both a technical and a marketing solution so it is important to have experience in both to ensure you get the return on your investment.

  3. We Practice What We Preach

    We use Dynamics 365 with Clickdimensions for our own marketing solution so we know what works and what doesn't, we can pass on our experience and learnings to you so you can hit the ground running

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