Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources

Fabric’s expert team can implement Dynamic 365 for Human Resources to help you enhance and streamline your recruitment.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources streamline the process from finding candidates to hiring to onboarding. Dynamics 365 for Human Resources leverages the power of Office 365 and LinkedIn to find and onboard the right people quickly. With three key modules, Attract, Onboard and Core HR, all your resource management requirements are covered.

Why Dynamics 365 for Human Resources?

Ensuring that you have a solution that's ready for growth and provides you with enough information to make key decisions and streamline your business processes.

Hire the right People with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

  • Integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn - Helping you to build a pipeline that will keep delivering candidates with the right qualities and qualifications.
  • Unify Candidate profiles and pipelines - Highlight and track candidates who will be valuable future hires with talent pool tracking. Monitor the hiring process, and get insights on candidate skills, competencies, and interview feedback. Consolidated candidate profiles are always up-to-date with LinkedIn opt-in and Office 365.
  • Accelerate acceptance - Increase the accuracy and speed of extending offers to candidates with streamlined offer management.

Set up employees for success with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

  • Create personalised onboarding plans - Get newly hired people up and running more quickly, integrate them into your technologies and culture so they become productive faster.
  • Accelerate time to impact - Ensure new employees stay focused on priorities with defined roles, responsibilities, and objectives. Offer a centralised location for company information, training resources, organisation charts, and tips to navigate different departments.
  • Simplify and optimise key HR tasks - With everything centralised and many tasks automated, your HR processes can be more effective and information is visible to everyone, everywhere.

Drive operational excellence with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

  • Get key data at your fingertips - Getting the information you need quickly is key to growth within any business, Dynamics 365 allows ease of access for key stakeholders when required.
  • Understand your issues - Identifying areas of improvement within the business with Dynamics 365 for talent will give you the ability to move in a more agile manner
  • Grow with the business - Dynamics 365 is tailored to grow with you. Having a system that allows for consistent growth removes the requirement to constantly look for bigger better solutions.

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