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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Silos are the enemy of success for any small to medium-sized business. That’s why a truly integrated business management solution is the key to future growth and efficiency. Microsoft Business Central can break down the walls that are blocking progress, delivering connected thinking across every department and function — especially when expertly implemented by the Fabric IT team.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Part of Microsoft's world-leading Dynamics 365 platform, Business Central is a cloud-based all-in-one management solution specifically created for SMEs.

It is designed to promote growth by replacing fragmentation with synergy, streamlining processes and enhancing interactions with customers. Business Central achieves all this by providing a constant overview of the whole business in real time, providing valuable insights and accurate forecasts. The result is the power to make smarter, better-informed decisions.

If you've been considering Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management solutions for your business, look no further. Business Central unifies the capabilities of both ERP and CRM, using intelligent applications that work together beautifully in the cloud. It's a supremely flexible solution, easily adaptable to any business in any industry, anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

What can Business Central do?

Business Central enables your business to transform a variety of departmental functions into a single system. It also builds-in efficiency with automated tasks and workflows.

And because it is part of the Microsoft ecosystem, Dynamics will integrate seamlessly with Windows, Power BI, PowerApps and all the familiar Office 365 programmes including Word, Outlook and Excel.

  • Automate tasks and workflows
  • Integrate with Office apps
  • Connect departments with a single dashboard
  • Use data to make informed decisions

Via the wider suite of apps, Business Central also gives you the possibility of adding many other Dynamics applications to your bespoke solution – and of upgrading to the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 if you grow beyond small business level.

Furthermore, Business Central can be implemented as an upgrade to your existing entry-level accounting software or legacy ERP system.

Dynamics 365 Business Central in your organisation

Why should you choose this solution? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a wealth of benefits for business owners and finance managers. A contemporary, integrated cloud-based solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers the following:

  • Financial management - track performance; improve cash flow forecast accuracy; streamline payment handling; reconcile general ledger account; improve bank account management
  • Customer relationships - classify and manage leads and contacts for enhanced customer service; manage client requests; track client interactions; manage sales and orders from all channels; monitor the sales cycle to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Project management - manage resource levels and capacity; quote for jobs; track invoicing against budgets; analyse project performance
  • Supply chain management - optimise inventory levels; manage sales orders; forecast demand accurately; calculate and track stock levels; track item transactions and updates with intelligent warehouse management, integrated with procurement and vendor management
  • Sales - improve efficiency and customer experience; boost revenues; streamline your processes to work on the go, save time; empower your sales team with applications and technology; strengthen customer relationships; manage a remote team
  • Human resources - organise and track employee data; register and analyse absences; simplify expenses management; make onboarding easier
  • Warehouse management - create an intelligent warehouse, using automated data capture; set up bins based on your warehouse layout
  • Service order management - view all service tasks and assign to team members; keep track of service agreements with customers; streamline shipping and distribution; track after-sales care and repair/maintenance queries
  • Manufacturing - implement complex and agile manufacturing processes; use the assembly management capability to specify items and materials as part of a product or kit; record customers' special requests in a bill of materials; use assembly orders to refill stock
  • Marketing - run, review and revise content and campaigns on the go; collect and analyse real-time data; align your sales and marketing goals; gain a deeper insight into your client base to deliver personalised campaigns; create new opportunities
Why choose Business Central?

The benefits of switching to Dynamics 365 Business Central

As soon as you switch to this advanced all-in-one application you’ll enjoy the ability to manage your entire business with all these advantages.

  • Flexibility

    Remote working and business on the go are a big part of everyone's future. Be ahead and stay ahead with all your data stored and organised securely in the cloud, accessible from wherever you or your team happen to be.

  • Security

    Cybercrime means you business is at risk from data loss through human error and hardware failure. However, with Business Central all your data is backed up and protected in the cloud by Microsoft's advanced and constantly evolving security.

  • Visibility

    A single view of all activity makes everything easier to manage. You can track progress towards KPIs, prioritise customers or tasks, and co-ordinate all your activity in real time.

  • Productivity

    Staff are better organised and can also focus on what they do best. Reduce time spent on manipulating data, building reports and resolving conflicts between different data sets.

  • Updatability

    Once your system is in place, Microsoft updates and new features are delivered automatically. No need to invest in expensive new equipment.

  • Affordability

    Moving to a cloud-based system, with small regular subscriptions, is much more manageable and affordable than on-premises IT with high upfront costs.

  • Scalability

    As the business grows, Business Central is designed to grow with it, easily handling new challenges, fresh functionalities and rising demand.

  • Customisability

    Because it's based around a wide and varied collection of specialist apps and modules, Business Central is easy to customise to your precise requirements. And to adapt later as the business evolves.

Business Central pricing

  1. Business Central Team Member

    From £6 per user, per month. This provides limited access, allowing members to simply view data and reports.

  2. Business Central Essentials

    From £53 per user, per month. This option is suitable for small businesses and focuses on day-to-day activities, with access to Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain, HR, Warehouse Management and Project Management.

  3. Business Central Premium

    From £75 per user, per month. Choose this option for access to all the features available with Essentials, plus Service Order Management and Manufacturing. This is ideal for businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Why choose Dynamics with Fabric?

Fabric IT brings a bespoke approach to implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central. We’ll start by working closely with you to identify what your specific business requires. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Fabric IT will bring unrivalled expertise and experience to the task of building and implementing your tailored solution. You can also expect:

  • A dedicated account manager, providing a single point of contact at all times
  • 24/7 monitoring, spotting potential problems before they start costing you money
  • Scalable solutions that can grow with your business
  • Minimise downtime - maintenance can happen remotely, with no need to visit your premises

Find out more today

If you are considering your IT future, it makes sense to explore a whole-business solution that combines the best of CRM and ERP. Talk to our team about Dynamics 365 Business Central and you’re on your way.

At Fabric IT, we welcome enquiries from companies of all types and sizes. We are always happy to discuss your IT requirements, answer your questions, and provide expert advice. Contact us online now or call 01625 443 100.

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