Migrating or Upgrading to Dynamics 365

If you are thinking of upgrading to Dynamics 365 Fabric IT is the obvious choice to partner with. As a Microsoft Gold partner we are able to work with your business to plan, specify and implement the migration as easy as possible and giving you maximum benefits.


Regardless of whether you moving from an existing CRM or bringing legacy processes and systems over to a fully integrated CRM Fabric IT can help your business maximise the potential of Microsoft Dynamics and gain the most value out of upgrading.

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Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Hubspot

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the world’s leading customer relationship management solution for businesses, and we strongly recommend it at Fabri...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs NetSuite

When the time comes to migrate to a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business, or replace your current CRM, Micro...

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Dynamics 365 or Sage Enterprise Management

Which solution should you choose?

Along with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage Enterprise Management it is on the shortlist for most companies po...

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Which CRM package, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce?

Salesforce describes itself as the world’s number one customer relationship management platform. The fact that it is purely CRM immediately d...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Navision

If you are considering introducing a customer relationship management IT solution to your business, or upgrading your current CRM, then Navision an...

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Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Odoo

When you are upgrading to a customer relationship management IT solution for your business, the first problem is choosing from the many alternative...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Oracle

Oracle is the world’s third largest software company. Microsoft is number one. So when it comes to choosing a customer relationship managemen...

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