Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs NetSuite

When the time comes to migrate to a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business, or replace your current CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite are two of the leading contenders most companies consider.

Why prefer Dynamics 365?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing Dynamics 365 is that it puts all the resources of Microsoft and its hand-picked network of Gold Partners, including Fabric. to provide expert implementation and support.

We have extensive experience, having implemented Dynamics 365 for hundreds of clients of all types and sizes throughout the UK. Once in place you can rely on expert and responsive support. It's  a solution that can grow as the business grows. Evolve, too, with the addition of new apps, all of which integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Windows and with the entire suite of Office 365 productivity applications such as Outlook and Excel.

Contact us to see how Microsoft Dynamics 365, expertly installed by Fabric, can transform your business.