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Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Hubspot

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the world’s leading customer relationship management solution for businesses, and we strongly recommend it at Fabric. It’s a whole-business solution, and one of its main advantages is the ability to revolutionise the organisation’s customer relationship management (CRM).


However CRM is a crowded field, and it’s clear that many companies are considering Hubspot as the answer to their CRM requirements – not least because it provides free customer database software. So how do Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Hubspot compare?

Why prefer Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365's CRM functionality is delivered with four of its featured apps working seamlessly together: Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Retail and Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which is included at no extra cost with the Sales and Customer Service apps.

But the big advantage of Dynamics 365 is that it integrates all the organisations business functions into a single unified platform. Everything from finance to inventory management, HR to production and sales is dovetailed with CRM, allowing key staff to get a complete real time overview of the company. They can access all the integrated information they need about the business on a single dashboard, visible anywhere at any time on any online device.

If you require CRM and nothing but CRM, Hubspot is an option worth considering. But for companies that require a customer and prospect management solution then Dynamics 365 is our recommendation.

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