Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Oracle

Oracle is the world’s third largest software company. Microsoft is number one. So when it comes to choosing a customer relationship management solution for your business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle’s CRM are likely to be two of the leading candidates. Here’s a quick guide to how the two compare.

Apart from being produced by vast US-based corporations, both are modular – comprising sets of apps that can be put together in different ways to create a customised solution appropriate for the businsess. The Microsoft naming convention for apps is “Microsoft Dynamics 365 for xxx” whereas Oracle use “Cloud” as in “Marketing Cloud”.

Why we recommend Dynamics 365

At Fabric we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, having successfully implemented Dynamics 365 for hundreds of different businesses. It too offers many automated tasks and easy integration of your chosen apps.

But perhaps its biggest advantages are simple and seamless integration with the other Microsoft products most companies are already using, including Office 365 applications such as Word. PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. It simply feels more natural to staff who are already Office users - and ease of adoption saves money and builds productivity.

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