Dynamics 365 or Sage Enterprise Management

Which solution should you choose?

Along with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage Enterprise Management it is on the shortlist for most companies pondering a switch to a whole business solution, so it’s worth taking a moment to see how they compare.

Anything they can do...

As Microsoft Gold Partners we at Fabric naturally favour Dynamics 365, while acknowledging that Sage Enterprise Management is a worthy competitor. When we get down to comparing individual functionalities, Dynamics 365 is widely recognised as being especially superior to the Sage product.

A view often heard around the industry is that Sage may be a better fit for companies aiming for rapid growth and expecting changing conditions, whereas Dynamics 365 is best suited to relatively stable businesses that are already running (or prepared to switch to) Microsoft Windows and Office 365.

We disagree. With our expert implementation and support, Dynamics 365 can be just as flexible and scalable as the Sage solution, while enabling users to benefit from Microsoft's unrivalled innovation and support.
If you have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365, don't hesitate to contact the Fabric team.