Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Selling more effectively and efficiently is the key to growth, success, and profitability. But that’s no easy task in today’s volatile business landscape.


Microsoft has developed Dynamics 365 Sales to address these problems head-on. It is an agile solution that provides an array of advanced tools to automate critical tasks, free up sales teams, and improve performance.


Together, let’s explore what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can do for your business when handled by the Fabric IT team.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

Part of Microsoft’s world-leading Dynamics 365 cloud platform, Sales is a specialist app designed to support the people who do the selling. It combines the best of CRM and ERP, providing an intelligent solution that gives your sales professionals the tools and insights they need to deliver the best results.

Sales capabilities

What can Dynamics 365 Sales do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 acts as a sales accelerator, providing your sales professionals with precise, achievable, prioritised tasks, and predictive scoring.

Create personalised experience for customers, through automation, AI and data insights.

Enhance the performance of the sales team – Dynamics handles manual, administrative tasks and free up time for your team to focus on closing sales.

  • Automation

    Streamline the sales process with integrated and automated tools, such as softphone dialler and email templates.

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration

    Connect Outlook, Teams, Excel and Sharepoint to share documents, and collaborate with colleagues and contacts.

  • Data input

    Scan business cards to minimise manual entry.

  • Accurate insights

    Provide your sales professionals with precise, achievable, prioritised tasks, and predictive scoring.

  • Personalised experiences

    Enhance customer relationships using AI-powered conversation intelligence, which can detect customer emotion.

  • LinkedIn integration

    Integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to access customer profiles and insights, use these to facilitate warm introductions.

  • Free up more time

    Minimise routine tasks, create sales playbooks with repeatable sales-winning techniques.

  • Enhance sales performance

    Drive sales performance with deal insights, relationship analytics, and conversation intelligence.

  • Better tracking

    Track and analyse sales pipeline changes with visualisations and individual forecasts, identify at-risk customers or specific client requirements.

  • Single view

    View the entire sales cycle on a single dashboard, keeping teams focused.

Dynamics 365 Sales pricing

  1. Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

    From £49 per user, per month. This includes lead opportunity management, marketing campaigns, orders and invoices, advanced analytics, a Power BI licence, reports, and dashboards.

  2. Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

    From £71 per user, per month. It includes Sales Professional features plus sales playbooks, business card scanning, partner relationship management, email intelligence, and territory management.

  3. Dynamics 365 Sales Premium

    Prices from £101 per user, per month, Premium includes Enterprise features plus predictive forecasting and scoring, pipeline intelligence, relationship analytics, connection insights, call transcription, seller behaviour analysis, and coaching tools.

  4. Microsoft Relationship Sales (MRS)

    From £108 per user, per month, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.

  5. Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

    This is an additional application for Sales Enterprise or MRS users, including predictive forecasting and scoring, pipeline intelligence, relationship analytics, and connection insights. Please contact the Fabric team for pricing.

Why choose Dynamics 365 Sales with Fabric?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Fabric IT brings unrivalled expertise and experience to the task of building and implementing a bespoke solution tailored to your business. You can also rely on:

  • A dedicated account manager, providing a single point of contact at all times.
  • 24/7 monitoring, spotting potential problems before they start costing you money.
  • Scalable solutions that can grow with your business.
  • Minimising downtime. Maintenance can happen remotely, with no need to visit your premises.

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